Maintenance and Industrial Services

• The company has a special department for the maintenance and industrial services of hydraulic and lubrication equipment as well as the design of central lubrication lines and maintenance of equipment supplied by the company
• The company supplies chemicals with cold welding technology to repair the columns and parts of pumps exposed to corrosion and any nomination in pipes and rubber parts, as well as the maintenance of pumps, columns, bearings, pumps, conveyors and conveyor belts
• The company is engaged in the supply and implementation of epoxy paints for metals, floors and others
• The company has cold welding technology using cold metal spraying method for the damaged and damaged mechanical parts such as shafts, shafts, bearings and parts required to increase its strength or protect it from rust, corrosion, oil tanks, compressed gas tanks and metal spraying prior to insulation of tanks for Rust and corrosion using all kinds of alloys such as zinc, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, chrome or nickel.