MATADOR is a German pioneer in the tool industry. Since 1900 we have been producing quality hand tools "around the screw". MATADOR is the opposite of mainstream. We stand for pmarket premium tools. Reliable, design-focused, efficient. For decision-makers, fighters and everyday heros. For real MATADORs. For people who know and express what they want. People who are inside the arena, not in the stands. Who know the difference between tools and toys. Who believe in themselves. Welcome to the arena! Be a MATADOR. Today, MATADOR is one of the leading manufacturers of tightening tools “around the screw”. Besides a wide range of standard tools we produce numerous special tools, i.a. for Audi, Bosch, Ford, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo and many more at our production site in Remscheid. Without exaggeration we can say that nearly every professional workshop worldwide is equipped with at least one MATADOR tool.

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